BANG rocked my world

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Anouska Gammon and her family arrived in Bangalow around the same time we did. I actually met Will, her husband, on the walk to school to drop the kids off. We struck up a friendship straight away.

Nooshie, as I like to call her, has a very accomplished dance and theatre background in Sydney. What I’ve loved is her passion to see this area become an award winning theatre region.

She was very passionate about giving the Byron Shire a theatre company the people would be proud of, second to none. So in 2015 she went ahead and co-founded the Bangalow Theatre Company.

Since that day we have seen the very best in theatre productions and now a spin off, BANG Academy of Performing arts.

BANG Academy of Performing arts has been another joint venture with Sarah Allely, another passionate drama/dancer. It’s an opportunity to grow and nurture talent from a very young age, anywhere from 5 thru to 16 years of age.