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Damien Schofield has created a program to inspire and nourish the relationship between our Returned Service Veterans & those that have served the nation and their Children, and to facilitate them being able to connect with their “Inner Hero”, so as to empower their lives and uplift their families, their friends, and their future.

I’ve been with Damo from the start captured the original story of why he is so passionate about this project. Check it out below.

What I love about Damo is that his passion for this project is whats pushing it thru and getting traction. In the last 12 months he has been able to secure some seed funding. This has allowed for a CEO to be appointed, Mark Whales, who was about to enter Survivor Australia (TV series). Mark has added his very own professional style to the management of Younger Heroes and critical corporate connections, helping explore possible sponsors and supporters for future camps.

I was privileged to be official videographer for Camp #2 a couple of months ago and experience first hand this awesome program. Here’s an overview video I created for there social and website.

While I was capturing some epic nature my drone, DJI Mavic Pro, happened to attracted some local bird life!!!! Birds and drones make me nervous, for one I don’t want to upset the local balance and stress the birds out and two I don’t want to repair or replace a drone. Anyway soon as I realised I had company I dropped it as fast as I could.

Later on I checked the footage and was amazed to see what had been captured. Watch for yourself.


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