Kerry Brown (wife) has been exploring the world of healing, her whole life. When we met she was studying to become a registered nurse. Once qualified Kezza hit the hospital wards giving the world her unique healing powers. After many years in the hospital system she moved on to district nursing, delivering healing in the home.

Kerry has always been exploring her own journey with Body, Mind and Spirit healing. If you take care of the body does that benefit the mind or vice versa. What is Spirit? How do you connect with it?

A very big moment is her life was healing herself from chronic back pain. Something that would cripple her on a daily bases. The medical system was about to operate on her spine and wasn’t really sure if it would help at all. WTF!

Kerry then activated her interest in self healing exploring all the elements. Using all the experience she had collected throughout her nursing years and following her heart.

Energy healing connected with the pyramids, Australian aboriginal, American Indian and Pleiades make up her unique offering to the world.

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